Paleo Smart Diet

PaleoSmart Diet for Diabetes – A rather controversial diet which may or may not have benefits.

Introduction to Paleo Diets While following a Paleo dietary plan, individuals resort to only those foods which humans in the prehistoric or Paleolithic ages might have consumed millions of years ago. This diet has suddenly gained a lot of prominence with a number of celebrities and enthusiasts taking it up. The primary purpose of a […]

Smart Diet for Heart

Heart Smart Diet For Diabetes – With A Few Basic Rules In Mind, People Can Still Be Creative And Enjoy A Wide Range Of Delicious Foods.

Introduction to Heart Smart Diets There are thousands of people who face the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. Many people are genetically predisposed to face such a risk and others tend to face it because of a sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits. Keeping the heart healthy seems […]

Smart Diet vs Balanced Diet

How Smart diet is different from Balanced diet?

You may have studied about balanced diet in your schools which means the diet that is capable of delivering all the nutrients required for your body in the sufficient quantities. Though everyone knows the fact that balanced diet is healthy and the best diet possible; it is hard to find the persons who are exactly […]

Artificial Sweeteners for Diabetes

Smart Diet for Diabetes – Diabetics can maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet nutritional requirements by considering certain foods in moderation

Introduction to Diabetes People who suffer from diabetes have to face a variety of struggles and problems and one of the biggest challenges faced by them is maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Diabetics can control their blood glucose levels and maintain nutrition requirements by indulging in a healthy diet. Diabetes is a condition which […]

Smart Diet and Exercise

Smart diet and exercises to reduce your weight drastically

Smart diet doesn’t mean eating less food and if you go for the nutritionist’s opinion. Smart diet is completely better than normal diet as it gives all the nutrients required for the body like proteins, minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, carbohydrates in the correct quantities. One can get the required essential micro nutrients like iron, […]

Healthy food ideas

Smart diet – How it is useful for 21st century generation?

Image Source : Fitness and Health Matters The food requirements of 21st century changed significantly and if you compare the present situation with the situation existed some 50 years back you can easily observe the changes occurred. People got accustomed to junk foods, food courts, branded food chains, soft drinks etc. Today’s lifestyle is completely […]