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Manage Obesity With A Smart Diet Plan: Tips To Reduce Weight Without Starving Yourself

Why obesity is a problem An unhealthy lifestyle which is generally a combination of bad eating habits and lack of physical exercise can result in obesity. Many people prefer to just wave away any concerns regarding their health, thinking that being a little overweight is not going to really cause any problem other than making […]

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Smart Diet For Pregnant Women: Easy To Follow Dietary Tips To Ensure Health Of Both Mother And Baby

Nutrition needs of expecting mothers When a woman is expecting, her dietary routine undergoes a major change because of the changes taking place in her body. Not only does she have to eat for two people now, thus resulting in a significantly higher calorie intake but she also has to make sure that she eats […]

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Smart Diet For Liver Disease Patients – Some Basic Do’s And Don’ts For A Healthy Liver

Understanding dietary requirements of liver patients Patients suffering from liver disease such as hepatitis or cirrhosis often suffer from eating disorders leading to lack of appetite and consequent unhealthy weight loss. Diseases like liver cirrhosis often end up damaging the liver to such an extent that it starts malfunctioning, slows down or stops functioning altogether. […]

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Rumours you heard about smart diet and the truths with explanations

There are so many rumours that are spread all over the world about smart diet. Go through this article so that you can get some clarification on popularly spread rumours with correct explanations. If you are highly addictive to alcoholic beverages, smart diet will help you in reducing the appetite towards it. It is not […]

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A Smart Diet Plan For High Blood Pressure – Know What To Eat, When To Eat And How To Eat To Significantly Lower Your Blood Pressure

A smart diet Understanding High Blood Pressure or Hypertension High Blood Pressure is a condition in which the heart pumps rate at a much faster pace than is normal, as a consequence of which the blood exerts pressure against the artery walls causing damage to the heart. High Blood Pressure is a very common condition […]

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What is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet refers to a type of diet which consists only of plant based foods. As opposed to a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet completely abstains from any sort of animal products including dairy products, yeast, honey and any other ingredients derived from animals. Some of the foods that can be included in a […]

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Smart Diets For Weight Loss – Losing Weight Need Not With A Few Basic Rules In Mind, People Can Still Be Creative And Enjoy A Wide Range Of Delicious Foods.

Introduction to Weight Loss Diets There are many people all over the world who wish to reduce some of their weight. Most of them are extremely committed to the task and make sure to exercise regularly and give up on a lot of foods, but there are few who actually manage to lose weight. For […]

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Know the truths about Smart Diet and Rumours

Several rumours need to be clarified so that everyone can get clarification about their apprehensions on smart diet. If you are overweight, it does not mean that you are suffering from obesity. As long as you are maintaining the correct metabolic rate; it won’t affect your health parameters that badly. Even if you are a […]

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Paleo Smart Diet for Diabetes – A rather controversial diet which may or may not have benefits.

Introduction to Paleo Diets While following a Paleo dietary plan, individuals resort to only those foods which humans in the prehistoric or Paleolithic ages might have consumed millions of years ago. This diet has suddenly gained a lot of prominence with a number of celebrities and enthusiasts taking it up. The primary purpose of a […]

Smart Diet for Heart

Heart Smart Diet For Diabetes – With A Few Basic Rules In Mind, People Can Still Be Creative And Enjoy A Wide Range Of Delicious Foods.

Introduction to Heart Smart Diets There are thousands of people who face the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. Many people are genetically predisposed to face such a risk and others tend to face it because of a sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits. Keeping the heart healthy seems […]